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Our Mission is to provide human tissue for research targeting better treatment and a cure for MS.

Lessons from brain development may help repair myelin in MS

5th June, 2015

Dr Stanislaw Mitew, from the University of Melbourne, has made excellent progress in his research looking at myelin repair in the brain. Dr Mitew has recently
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Spinal cord tissue provides clues

5th June, 2015

A recent study from Italian researchers at the University of Milan has found that certain molecules were present in significantly lower levels in the spinal
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Travel award supports genetics research using Brain Bank tissue

9th March, 2015

The MS Research Australia Ian Ballard Travel Award has this year been awarded to Dr Cheryl Li, who will travel overseas to learn techniques for analysing

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Brain donation provides hope for a cure

9th December, 2014

Brain imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are useful for diagnosing MS and monitoring disease activity, but recent studies have found
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