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Our Mission is to provide human tissue for research targeting better treatment and a cure for MS.

Travel award supports genetics research using Brain Bank tissue

9th March, 2015

The MS Research Australia Ian Ballard Travel Award has this year been awarded to Dr Cheryl Li, who will travel overseas to learn techniques for analysing

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Brain donation provides hope for a cure

9th December, 2014

Brain imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are useful for diagnosing MS and monitoring disease activity, but recent studies have found
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Study of optic nerve cells highlights avenues for myelin regeneration

25th September, 2014

The optic nerve connects the nerve cell receptors of the eye with the brain and, in the human, contains about one million nerve fibres organised into parallel
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Understanding spinal cord lesions in progressive MS

12th September, 2014

An article published in the international journal Glia gives new insight into the structure of lesions in the spinal cords of people with progressive MS.
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